CG Animations

I love the technology that has brought film-making and CG art and animation to the casual user’s desktop. Some of the things you can do on $1,000 software would have cost 100 times more just a decade ago. Increases in processor speeds have brought the possibility of desktop rendering to many artists. I have a very puny 4-unit render farm (at least they are all multi-core) and some animations take a very long time. A recent 8-second pass I made a few days ago took 64 hours to render in HD and not at the highest possible settings. As the film side of my career grows into the 4K range, I cringe to think of the rendering capability I need to keep up with that.

For now here are some HD clips of demo reels, cuttings from the editing floor and mad experiments. I am working on a CG short, “Homeward” that I hope to release by September 2014.

If you have the bandwidth, HD playback is recommended. Thanks for watching!

January 2013 Demo Reel

Not as fancy pants as the output recently, here’s what my CG work looked like three years ago