Upcoming Projects


In addition to our normal music video and film projects we are currently working on three film projects in different stages of  production.


Producer: Greg Forest
Director: Greg Forest
Director of Photography: Sandy Thomson



JemmRandall.00_01_46_10.Still003The Process is a web-based series that investigates the creative process of guiding ideas to market. Interviewing musicians, poets, digital and traditional graphic artists and others to whom the creative process is the bread winner, The Process seeks to find what brings out the muse in successful artists.

We shot our first interview May 29th with a great interview featuring Randall Bramblett. Randall has been around the block and shared a few anecdotes from his career and tips for those just starting out.


Producer: David Broza
Director: John Kirby
Executive Producer: Libby Handros
Texas Director: Greg Forest
Texas Director of Photography: Sandy Thomson

Kinky1080.00_26_22_20.Still002David Broza, an Israeli musician, activist and songwriter was given the unpublished poetry of Townes Van Zandt after his death in 1997.

In 1994, David Broza performed with Texan singer Townes Van Zandt during a Writers in the Round concert in Houston.

Kid.00_03_48_10.Still001When Van Zandt died three years later, he left Broza a shoe box full of unreleased poems and lyrics with a request that Broza set them to music. The result was Night Dawn: The Unpublished Poetry of Townes Van Zandt,” which was released in 2010.


David is now revisiting Townes’ legend by interviewing those who knew him in Texas and Nashville. While in Texas for an appearance at the Kerrville Folk Festival, David began interviewing those in the immediate vicinity.

On May 31st the crew picked up David and filmed three interviews while being chased by rain across the Medina and Kerrville area. We interviewed Kinky Friedman, Dalis Allen and Kid Curry on a non-stop shoot-n-scoot with the rain at our backs the entire time.

Next up is a trip to Austin to film more interviews at the ground zero of Townes’ career, There are many musicians, club owners, producers and drinking buddies who knew Townes well and we are looking forward to filming some great stories.


Writter, Producer and Director:
Greg Forest
Director of Photography:Sandy Thomson
Cinematographer: Bill Flenniken
Editors: Laurent Dubaus, Greg Forest
Assistant Producer: Brandon Curtis

In the mid 1800s German immigrants poured into Central Texas to homestead and create farming communities that flourished as a result of hard work based on the German work ethic. Stony scrub land was transformed one rock at a time into farms that created prosperity and economic security for the many communities they founded. There was only one problem, their Texas neighbors were not only envious of their farming success but considered the Germans to be outsiders in the communities they founded. The Germans were Freidenkers, a movement that honored the traditions of free thought, open debate and a strict ethical foundation. Unfortunately for the Freidenkers, they  believed in a dogma of non-violence and were proponents in the abolition of slavery.

Such beliefs didn’t sit well with their Confederate neighbors and struggled as best they could to keep their cherished homesteads while not participating in the politics or military mustering in the South just prior to the Civil War.

Freidenkers is a documentary focusing on this little-known part of Texas history. The film is currently in preproduction and will start production in Fall 2016.

Back in the production suite we are honing our After Effects skills a bit with some new logos for the Group and others.


Writer, Producer, Director: Greg Forest
Assistant Director/Editor: Laurent Daubas
CGI/ Audio/Post: The Music Office/Render Runt

Coming back online after a 1-year hiatus due to health and rendering limitations, RoboKATs in Space is back in production. RoboKATs is an animated children’s series targeting the 8-12 year old audience. The underlining theme of the program is to encourage children to think for themselves and not to believe everything they are told – regardless of the source of the information. Featuring performances by a variety of voice actors, we are hoping to get back into the swing of things this summer. While on location for other projects, we can now utilize the upgraded render farm and produce more frames per day than in the past – speeding up the process considerably.

There is a web site under development to be distributed on  a subscription basis to parents that encourage their children to think objectively.

Producer: Greg Forest
Director: Greg Forest
Director of Photography: Sandy Thomson
Assistant Director/Editor: Laurent Daubas
CGI Post: The Music Office/Render Runt
MemoryPaulDemo.00_07_46_14.Still011JaleMemoryDemo.00_07_23_11.Still014When we filmed Memory Hole, we were just starting out in film making and did the best we could with the tools available to us. Since then our skill set, hardware and software has grown exponentially so Greg Forest is back in the editing room expanding on the original film and upgrading the whole look into a new Blu Ray DVD project.

The new DVD will be ready in early Fall 2016 and will be available for purchase here on our web site or amazon.com.

It was also noticed that the film concept is something that could perhaps be serialized and a treatment is being Monica1Demo.00_22_42_01.Still013prepared for a pilot. Stay tuned.




Here is a link to the original film.