13th Floor Elevators – Liberty Lunch June 6,1984

Found these gems on YouTube. I was praying for years that this would never surface but when they showed up in the wild 35 years later, I was actually thankful that the pirate videographer was there. My performance was something of a clam fest and the whole show had the atmosphere of a frantic garage jam. Oddly enough things didn’t come out like rehearsal.  😈    At least Roky was rockin’!

As Tommy Hall wasn’t aboard for this show it really isn’t a true reunion. I got the gig after guitarist Terry Penny decided he didn’t want to do the gig due to the nature of some of Roky’s non-Elevator tunes. He asked me if I was interested in playing Stacy’s parts at the show. Interested? These guys are my heroes and the opportunity to play a show with them was a gig I couldn’t refuse.

I am going to make a stab at cleaning up these clips so they might be a bit more pleasant to view. I will have links for downloading MP4s & MP3s at least.

Here’s downloadable MP4s:

Here’s the YouTube versions:

Here’s the audio for the whole show.