OverDue Records



OverDue Records was founded in 1993 to promote singer/songwriters in the Austin, Texas region and has grown since then to include artists from across the U.S. and Europe. OverDue Records is what might be called a boutique label – focusing on the songs, performances and personalities as much or more than marketing.

OverDue is moving to digital delivery in a big way in 2014. We hope to completely redefine what constitutes a “boutique” label. Although we still have brick-and-mortar products in our CD and DVD line but have found we can deliver better delivery and customer service over the internet.  All of our catalog will be available this year as digital downloads. Unlike other online delivery services, you don’t need to create an account or sign any long complicated End User Agreements – in fact we don’t even have one.

If you are looking to get your product off the wire and into your MP3 player in moments, keep your eyes peeled for our new digital product line.

Here is an OverDue Sampler for Windows (32 & 64bit)