Before starting Heart Beat with Karyn Lyn in 2014, Greg spent 11 years as a writer editor with Hill Country Happenings. He is also author of a number of books on the music industry including, The Complete Music Business Office, Music Business Contracts, How to Make and Promote Your Band’s Video – all published by Hal Leonard – the largest music education publisher in the United States.

He is also the author of End Times Lullabies, Vol 1 – an anthology of essays covering a variety of subjects. He is working on the sequel to that book now. Greg has also been the CEO of The Music Office since 1984, a music industry support company specializing in audio/video/film production the licensing of intellectual properties in a variety of foreign markets and music and video production. He is also a founder/director of the Hill Country Film Group an independent film company and educator for budding film makers.